Weapon Comparisons

FVS can determine whether weapons were used and can compare recovered articles with the imagery.

Through in-depth comparison and analysis, FVS can determine whether weapons captured on video or CCTV footage at a crime scene are the same as suspected or recovered items.

In the right hands, almost anything can be a weapon, and FVS experts are able to analyse and report on the range of weapons being used in an offence.

The same eye for detail, and the same techniques that FVS use to compare human faces and bodies, can also be applied to the comparison of a range of potential weapons, such as knives, firearms, baseball bats, etc.

During the 2011 Birmingham riots, FVS were tasked to examine the images of the weapons seen on CCTV footage near the Barton Arms pub, in Birmingham. Our expert analysts were able to demonstrate in court that the images of the weapons seen were of the same type and style as the weapons held in the police armoury.

Reconstruction Exercises

Where possible FVS aim to perform reconstructions to view the footage under similar lighting conditions and on the same camera. We are then able to make like-for-like comparisons between recovered items and those seen being used in a crime.

The graphic below shows a meat cleaver used in a violent murder. The left image shows the offender carrying the weapon, while the right shows an FVS reconstruction with a police exhibit.