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FVS Evidence Helps Acquit Bus Driver Accused Of Causing Death By Dangerous Driving.

Leading forensic imagery and analysis experts, Forensic Video Services (FVS), has helped to acquit a bus driver accused of causing death by dangerous driving, by undertaking crucial re-examination of video evidence.

Bill Platts, director of FVS, said: “This case involved a young female who was killed crossing the road at around 2am. The bus driver was charged with causing death by dangerous driving, but after FVS examined all the prosecution evidence we noticed a flaw in their analysis.

“The police had mis-read the video data - it was six minutes out, and the image they were using was incorrect. They should have correlated the timings of the CCTV footage with an on-board computer called Wayfarer, which records every passenger getting on the bus with the on-board video recorder (which was recording different times to the Wayfarer computer), but they failed to do this.

“The video evidence was crucial, because the police were alleging that the image they were using, which was of very poor quality, was that of the deceased crossing the road. FVS proved that it was an erroneous shadow, not her shadow. FVS also showed the jury a number of similar shadows of this type on the same video.

“Using photogrammetry, FVS were able to work out the speed of the bus and the deceased. This was important, as the timings were crucial. We were able to show that the bus was only travelling at walking pace and was undertaking a 270 degree turn at the time the deceased crossed the road. The video on board the bus did not show the pedestrian at all, and this enabled us to discredit police findings.”

Bill Platts continued: “FVS explained to the court that the PC giving evidence had done his best with the footage, but was not a specialist imagery analyst. We were also able to show that the deceased was wearing dark clothing, and scene examination revealed she was walking in an unlit street.

“FVS worked closely with a civilian police imagery analyst who agreed with our findings. In addition, analysis of phone records revealed the deceased was listening to voice texts as she crossed the road.

“After FVS presented its evidence and finding, the judge stopped the trial and ordered a Not Guilty verdict. This was a very sad case and I believe that through co-operation with the police expert, and a combination of FVS research and scene evaluation, we showed that the deceased had not read the situation right as she crossed the road.”

The barrister defending the accused, Chandra Solanki, commented: “The FVS representative was one of the best experts I have seen in the witness box, and I have worked in law since 1982. He was clear, deliberate and explained all scientific ideas simply. His explanation of jargon was lucid. He took the jury with him and everyone was nodding throughout his explanations. He simply knows his subject and its limitations.”


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