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Welcome Forensic Video Services was established in 1999 and is a specialist forensic imaging laboratory situated in Cambridgeshire. It specialises in writing imagery and audio related reports for barristers, the police, the Home Office, HM Customs, Immigration Service, Solicitors and the Crown Prosecution Service.
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Services  We specialise in: •Facial mapping •Body mapping •Audio analysis •Tampering of video analysis •Technical reports on video or audio evidence •Clothing comparison •Vehicle identification and analysis •Number plate identification •Confirmation of the speed of a vehicle from video or CCTV •DVD creation and duplication •Editing •Court presentation tapes •Prints from video We offer our services to both the UK and International legal communities, providing impartial and unbiased expert opinion in our field on behalf of both prosecution and defence.
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Who are we? FVS personnel, made up from ex Armed Forces personnel and former Police Officers, have over 50 years’ combined  experience in the field of imagery analysis. Between us we have extensive knowledge of visual and audio recording,  enhancement, interpretation and analysis techniques. We have  provided analysis of imagery to many organisations,  including the Special Forces, MoD, Police and Intelligence Services as well as conducted briefings to senior military and  MoD officers. Our personnel have set up Forensic Video Labs within police forces and formulated training syllabuses for  use by the millitary, police force high tech/CCTV recovery departments and for external training. They have written  training manuals for the Military, who provide the only UK-accredited Imagery Analysis course.   FVS personnel have produced articles for the Institute of Videography, the police periodicals Manchester Beat and  Metropolitan Beat. Forensic Video Labs and formulated training syllabuses for use by police forces across England and  Wales. FVS has produced evidential reports for and given evidence to civil and criminal courts at nearly every level of the UK  justice system as well as overseas. This has ranged from Magistrates’ and Crown Courts to the Central Criminal Court,  the Court of Appeal, Crown Court Belfast and the Four Courts, Dublin. We have also previously trained Royal Air Force  personnel in the combined fields and techniques of imagery analysis, image processing, video techniques and  photogrammetry. FVS also provides audio enhancement. - our analyst has experience spanning 30 years and spent years touring the  world installing and operating sound systems in support of high-profile musicians as well as building public address  systems and sound engineering before receiving training in audio analysis, a service we have provided with great results  for over a decade. 
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